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Faculty Details

Sl Name Teacher Id Qualification Designation Branch Subjects Teaching Photograph
1 Dr. Siba Prasad Misra T220539508 MBA, Ph.D Professor MBA 1. Marketing Management (18MBA102)
2.Entrepreneurship Development (18MBA209)
3. Sales and Distribution Management (18MBA302A)
4.Product and Branding Management (18MBA402A)
2 Dr. Jeenata Patnaik T220539502 MBA, Ph.D Asso. Professor MBA (Finance,Marketing, HR) 1. Financial accounting and Analysis(18 MBA 107)
2. Corporate Finance(18 MBA 201)
3. Indian Financial Systems and Services (18 MBA 202)
4. Advanced Management Accounting( 18 MBA303B)
5. Business Taxation (18 MBA 401B)
3 Mr. Prasanta Kumar Patro T220539501 MBA Asst. Prof MBA(HRM) 1. Managerial Economics (18 MBA 101)
2. Organizational Behaviour (18MBA103)
3. Operation Management (18MBA205)
4. Consumer Behaviour (18MBA301A)
5. B2B Marketing (18 BA403C)
6. Manpower Planning(18 MBA 301C)
4 Mr. Ashok Kumar Tripathy T220539510 MBA Asst. Prof MBA 1. Business environment & Ethics(18MBA 109)
2. Human Resources Management(18MBA205)
3. Compensation and Benefit Management(18 MBA 303C)
4. Team Dynamics at Work(18MBA 401C)
5 Mr. Biswa Bhusan Mohapatra T220539504 MBA Asst. Prof MBA (Finance,Marketing, HR) 1. Management Principles (18MBA104)
2.International Business(18MBA206)
3.Security analysis & Portfolio Management(18MBA301B)
4.Behavioural Finance (18MBA402B)
6 Mr. Surjya Kanta Goudo T220539511 M.Sc Asst. Prof MBA 1. Decision Science (18 MBA 105)
2. Operation Management (18 MBA 205)
7 Mr. Deepak Kumar Mohanty T220539513 MBA Asst. Prof MBA(HRM) 1. Business Law(18MBA 108)
2. Human Resources Management(18MBA205)
3. Employee Relations(18 MBA 302C)
4. Industrial Legislations(18MBA 403C)
8 Mr. Prabin Kumar Dash T220539509 MCA Asst. Prof MCA 1. Fundamentals of IT and ERP (18MBA207)
2.Operating System (MCA01004)
3.Database Engineering (MCA01005)